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Conferences and Talks

September 2017. Abi Roper, Stephanie Wilson, Jane Marshall, Timothy Neate and Madeline Cruice – UCL Aphasia Research Group, London, UK – “INCA Project: Inclusive Digital Content for People with Aphasia” – Invited talk. [🖥 Download the slides here]

June 2017. Abi Roper, Tess Lancashire, Rebecca Byrne & Madeline Cruice – Nordic Aphasia Conference 2017: Meaningful outcomes, Copenhagen, Denmark – “Meaningful Individualised Goal-setting within a Computer Training Course for Adults with Chronic Aphasia” – Poster presentation. [📜 Download the poster here]

June 2017. Abi Roper, Anna Caute, Lucy Dipper & Madeleine Pritchard – Language as a Form of Action, Rome, Italy – “The Clinical Utility of Gesture Coding Frameworks” – Poster presentation. [📜 Download the poster here]

July 2016 – 7th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies, Paris, France – “Can People with Severe Aphasia Benefit from Computer-delivered Gesture Therapy?” – Symposium presentation

Nov 2015 – Therapy Ideas Live Conference, London – “Work with Clients to Set Ambitious Goals” – Invited talk

Sept 2015 – British Aphasiology Society Conference, London, UK – “Computer Gesture Therapy for People with Severe Aphasia: Effects on tests of spoken naming” – Platform presentation

Oct 2014 – Conference of Culture and Neuroscience, Warsaw, Poland“Computer Rehabilitation – Aphasia joins the conversation” – Invited talk.  [🔊 Listen to the talk (plus an introduction in Polish) here.]

Oct 2014 – ASSETS Accessible Computing Conference, Rochester, NY, USA – “Assessing Technology Use in Aphasia” – Poster presentation

Oct 2013 – ASSETS Accessible Computing Conference, Bellevue, WA, USA – “Accessibility of Computer Therapy and Technology for People with Aphasia” – Poster Presentation and Doctoral Consortium Attendee

Mar 2013 – Therapy Ideas Live Event, London, UK – Service User Involvement, from Participation to Collaboration” – Lightning talk. [🎥 Watch a video of this talk here]

Sept 2012 – Web Accessibility London Unconference (A11yLDN) , London, UK – “Designing a language free technology – lessons from the GReAT project” – Platform presentation

Aug 2012 – 12th Participatory Design Conference, Roskilde, Denmark – “Words are not enough: Empowering people with aphasia in the design process” – Platform presentation.  [🎥 Watch a video of this talk here, via  > Empowerment > 1hr 1 min onwards]

Oct 2011 – ASSETS Accessible Computing Conference, Dundee, Scotland – “Accessibility of 3D Game Environments for People with Aphasia” – Platform presentation [📄Download the paper to accompany this talk here]