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Conferences and Talks

June 2020. Abi Roper. “Designing for Users with Aphasia” 24-hour Virtual Teach-in, online. [πŸŽ₯Β Watch the talk here]

June 2020. Abi Roper introduces and demonstrates MakeWrite – an accessible creative writing app from the INCA project. HCI Summer Festival, online. [πŸŽ₯ Watch the talk here]

June 2020. Abi Roper. “The Aphasia Software Finder: everything you ever wanted to know!” Aphasia Access Fireside Chat., online. [πŸŽ₯ Watch the talk here]

Logo from Que(e)rying Graphic Medicine Conference

June 2019. Priego, E., Wilkins, P., Roper, A., Caron, M., et al. On the Aesthetic Education of Caregivers. The Specificities of Form and Genre in Comics about Dementia Care.” Panel presentation. Graphic Medicine Conference, Brighton, UK. [πŸ“–Read about the panel here][πŸ–ΌDownload the slides here]

May 2019. Abi Roper. “Accessibility and Aphasia.” AVIVA Accessibility Awareness talk. AVIVA UK, London.

June 2018. Abi Roper, Timothy Neate, Stephanie Wilson and Jane Marshall. “Designing for Users with Aphasia – Dos and Don’ts”. London Accessibility Meetup #15, London, UK.[πŸŽ₯ Watch the talk here][πŸ“„Download the poster to accompany this talk here]

June 2018. Abi Roper. “Vision-based Gesture Recognition Technology Supports Gesture Learning in Severe Aphasia”. Invited talk – Workshop: Gesture & Technology 2018, University of Warwick, UK

May 2018. Abi Roper, Stephanie Wilson, Timothy Neate, Jane Marshall. Introduction to the INCA project and results of a user study investigating the accessibility of Social Networking Apps”Invited talk – The Walton Centre, Liverpool, UK.

May 2018.Abi Roper, Stephanie Wilson, Timothy Neate, Jane Marshall. “INCA project lightning talk”Invited talk – Acquired Brain Injury Clinical Excellence Network Meeting, London, UK.

April 2018.Abi Roper, Brian Grellmann, Stephanie Wilson, Jane Marshall and Timothy Neate. “Accessibility of Social Media Apps for People with Aphasia – a User Study”Presentation at the British Aphasiology Society Research Update Meeting, Birmingham, UK.

September 2017. Abi Roper, Stephanie Wilson, Jane Marshall, Timothy Neate and Madeline Cruice – UCL Aphasia Research Group, London, UK – β€œINCA Project: Inclusive Digital Content for People with Aphasia” – Invited talk. [πŸ–₯ Download the slides here]

June 2017. Abi Roper, Tess Lancashire, Rebecca Byrne & Madeline Cruice – Nordic Aphasia Conference 2017: Meaningful outcomes, Copenhagen, Denmark – β€œMeaningful Individualised Goal-setting within a Computer Training Course for Adults with Chronic Aphasia” – Poster presentation. [πŸ“œ Download the poster here]

June 2017. Abi Roper, Anna Caute, Lucy Dipper & Madeleine Pritchard β€“ Language as a Form of Action, Rome, Italy – β€œThe Clinical Utility of Gesture Coding Frameworks” – Poster presentation. [πŸ“œ Download the poster here]

July 2016 – 7th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies, Paris, France – β€œCan People with Severe Aphasia Benefit from Computer-delivered Gesture Therapy?” – Symposium presentation

Nov 2015 – Therapy Ideas Live Conference, London – β€œWork with Clients to Set Ambitious Goals” – Invited talk

Sept 2015 – British Aphasiology Society Conference, London, UK – β€œComputer Gesture Therapy for People with Severe Aphasia: Effects on tests of spoken naming” – Platform presentation

Oct 2014 – Conference of Culture and Neuroscience, Warsaw, Poland – β€œComputer Rehabilitation – Aphasia joins the conversation” – Invited talk.  [πŸ”ŠListen to the talk (plus an introduction in Polish) here.]

Oct 2014 – ASSETS Accessible Computing Conference, Rochester, NY, USA – β€œAssessing Technology Use in Aphasia” – Poster presentation [πŸ“œ Download the poster here]

Oct 2013 – ASSETS Accessible Computing Conference, Bellevue, WA, USA – β€œAccessibility of Computer Therapy and Technology for People with Aphasia” – Poster Presentation and Doctoral Consortium Attendee

Mar 2013 – Therapy Ideas Live Event, London, UK – Service User Involvement, from Participation to Collaboration” – Lightning talk. [πŸŽ₯ Watch a video of this talk here]

Sept 2012 – Web Accessibility London Unconference (A11yLDN) , London, UK – β€œDesigning a language free technology – lessons from the GReAT project” – Platform presentation

Aug 2012 – 12th Participatory Design Conference, Roskilde, Denmark – β€œWords are not enough: Empowering people with aphasia in the design process” – Platform presentation.  [πŸŽ₯ Watch a video of this talk here, via  > Empowerment > 1hr 1 min onwards]

 Oct 2011 – ASSETS Accessible Computing Conference, Dundee, Scotland – β€œAccessibility of 3D Game Environments for People with Aphasia” – Platform presentation [πŸ“„Download the paper to accompany this talk here]